Demonstration against the sale of Dong shares to Goldman Sachs (Jan. 29, 2014)


Hi there, I’m Martin Spang Olsen and I’m keeping track of the speech row today. But first let me just say: Welcome! A high raised thumb for you who braved the winter to fly the flag today. A flag that, albeit at half, flaps all the braver in the headwind. The battle is most likely lost, but we can still win the war.

And perhaps it takes a case like this to awaken the inner Holger Danske in those who have yet to understand that we live in a bancocracy, and not a democracy.

I can only recommend everyone to use the few months, or years, it takes to find out who controls the world, how it is controlled, and how little we the people have to say. Do it, and then throw off the yoke. Break down old political mudslinging and realize that your enemies are not red or blue, but the financial world that doesn’t contribute with anything other than the money they borrowed from you or constructed out of thin air. Their best weapon is DIVIDE AND CONQUER, and as long as they can break us up and distract us with pop and nonsense, we don’t stand a chance.

The agreement, that we are trying to prevent today, was probably sealed long time ago – like those things are done today: behind closed doors, in secret societies, where top business leaders, top politicians and media moguls from around the world meet and make their schemes.

That’s how most major political decisions are made today. Go Google the Bilderberg Group that has met every year since 1954.  Incidentally, Goldman Sachs sponsors the group, and incidentally former Dong-chief executive Anders Eldrup is in charge of recruiting guests from Denmark, and incidentally Bjarne Corydon joined the group last year.

This might all be coincidences, but it doesn’t change the fact, that if you put top-business, top-politicians top-press people in the same room, with no account, you have the recipe for an oligarchy, an oligarchy outside democratic control, in which corporates and banks set the agenda, and where parliamentarians and the press politely click their heels.

Yes, the press is actually invited to these meetings – they just don’t write about them. One could almost get the idea that they are invited in order to ensure that the meetings are NOT described. This may explain why so few people know about the political process behind major European decisions over the years.

This mess must of course stop.  How, is not for me to define. But I do have a hope that this demonstration could proof to be a starting point of an intensified demand for transparency, honesty and credibility from our elected politicians – regardless of where in the spectrum they belong.

And with that, I’d like to welcome our first speaker, Carl Valentin

Wrapping up:

Thank you for your support today. Go out and awaken the slumbering Danes and help them to discover their inner hamster wheel. There is no reason to wear yourself out every day, to run around with tongues hanging out and with time for your children. It’s a form of slavery that only the financial world benefits from. Not only Goldman Sachs, although some of the worst, but all the many who don’t contribute, but live through other people’s sweat and tears. It is a world of sleaze and overspending that will destroy itself and take us all down with it if it is not stopped. This deal has opened Pandora’s box – now leave the lid open so the spirit can get out! Stand together, forget party lines, and keep snouts in the track! Thank you for today, thanks for coming!


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